Ejemplos de zero conditional sobre el medio ambiente

Description: 10 ejemplos de zero conditional que sean del medio ambiente.

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10 Ejemplos de Zero Conditional que sean del medio ambiente.

  1. I got my umbrella if it rains.
  2. She gets sick if she gets wet.
  3. If the sun doesn't rise, I don't wash my clothes.
  4. If its wendy, I wear my sweater.
  5. If we run, we get thristy.
  6. If she doesn't put sun cream on, you get burnt.
  7. If you don't put the hat, you get burnt.
  8. If you don't refrigerate the water, it doesn't become ice.
  9. The grass gets wet when it rains.
  10. If he walks five miles, he arrives to the woods.

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