Como pasar un texto a pasado simple en ingles

Description: Qué debo hacer para transformar un texto de pasado a presente simple en Inglés

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mira es muy facil te vas a traductor en un selular esto es mas facil te descargas la aplicacion traductor o vas a chomers y bueno a y va a a ver una como camara y le tomas fotos y luego todos los verbos o el texto tu los escribes en pasado

Explicación: eso es como te puedo ayudar

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El niño Miguel Rivera sueña con convertirse en un cantante famoso como su ídolo Ernesto de la Cruz

 Pero Miguel tiene un impedimento. Para los Rivera, la música está prohibida desde que su tatarabuelo abandonó a su tatarabuela

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Yesterday my best friend came to my house to sleep and we woke up at two in the afternoon then we got up and went to the center to walk and at night we returned to my house

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My first hypothesis of what could have provoked the argument couple that is spoken of in the song could have been caused by the effects of alcohol on the woman, since she was drunk at the time the argument was provoked so she did not think what she said and began to argue with her partner

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Cody y su hermana April deciden que quieren un perro. Se dirigen a la tienda de mascotas local y echan un vistazo.

es una mascota muy pequeña que no tiene muchos animales.

el dueño de la tienda es un anciano simpático llamado Sr. Smith. Se acerca y saluda a Cody y April.

¿como puedo ayudarte? él pide.

nos gustaría comprar un perro. Abril responde.

ah, bueno, no somos una gran tienda de mascotas, le dice el Sr. Smith. Así que solo tenemos dos perros para elegir.

le piden al Sr. Smith que les muestre los perros.

El Sr. Smith los lleva a la parte trasera de la tienda donde están los dos perros. Uno de ellos es un bulldog muy grande llamado Buster. El otro es un chihuahua muy pequeño llamado Teacup.

April quiere una taza de té. Cody quiere a Buster. Salen a la calle a discutir.

No pueden ponerse de acuerdo sobre un perro. April sugiere que corran a casa por él. El ganador de la carrera elige al perro.

Cody está de acuerdo, luego le dice a April que su zapato está desatado. Cuando April mira hacia abajo, sale corriendo y toma ventaja.

Cody corre tan fuerte como puede. Realmente quiere ese bulldog. Él mira hacia atrás. April está tan atrás que ni siquiera puede verla.

Cody finalmente llega a casa. Está cansado pero está feliz. Sabe que es el ganador.

April llega unos minutos después de Cody. Ella lo felicita. Regresan a la tienda de mascotas para comprar a Buster, el bulldog.

Sin embargo, cuando llegan solo ven a Teacup la chihuahua.

Le preguntan al Sr. Smith dónde está Buster.

El Sr. Smith da los detalles. Él explica que unos minutos después de que April y Cody se fueran, dos niños entran y compran el bulldog.

Cody mira a April y ella contiene una sonrisa. Cody suspira. Se vuelve hacia el Sr. Smith

"¡A veces ganas la carrera, pero no el premio!" Cody sonríe con tristeza. "Llevemos al chihuahua, por favor"


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La NASA ha descubierto la presencia de agua en planetas fuera del Sistema Solar. Finalmente, Mercurio y Venus son los únicos planetas en el Sistema Solar donde no se han encontrado rastros de agua. Los expertos dicen que es debido a su proximidad al sol, que produce temperaturas extremadamente altas.

Estos estudios han revelado la presencia de nuestro líquido vital en varios cuerpos celestes y en todas las formas posibles. Esto depende de lo lejos que está el planeta de la estrella, en nuestro caso el sol.

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La NASA ha descubierto la presencia de agua en planetas fuera del Sistema Solar. Finalmente, Mercurio y Venus son los únicos planetas en el Sistema Solar donde no se han encontrado rastros de agua. Los expertos dicen que es debido a su proximidad al sol, que produce temperaturas extremadamente altas.

Estos estudios han revelado la presencia de nuestro líquido vital en varios cuerpos celestes y en todas las formas posibles. Esto depende de lo lejos que está el planeta de la estrella, en nuestro caso el sol.

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NASA has discovered the presence of water on planets outside the Solar System. Finally, Mercury and Venus are the only planets in the Solar System where no traces of water have been found. Experts say that it is due to its proximity to the sun, which produces extremely high temperatures.

These studies have revealed the presence of our vital liquid in various celestial bodies and in all possible forms. This depends on how far away the planet is from the star, in our case the sun.

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Very well because in my vacation the truth at first I did nothing but sleep and eat but missing 2 weeks to enter class I went with my sister brother-in-law niece and my mother to Medellín to be more specific hacienda Naples after 2 days visiting the hacienda Naples we start now if to Medellín and then I do not tell you more because we did not like Medellín and the next day we returned

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El pasado viernes 1 de abril en el plantel 39 ubicado en la ranchería El tigre un chavo del grado segundo fue llevado a la dirección debido a que mientras estaba en clases de matemáticas se le ocurrió encender un juego pirotécnico un "chiflador" el cual explotó adentro de su termo el profesor de inmediato lo llevó a la dirección ya que puso en riesgo la salud de sus demás compañeros.

Compañeros de clases dicen que el chavo dijo que la clase estaba aburrida y aprovecho que cuando el maestro se puso explicar a un alumno en su escritor y se distrajo un momento el chavo decidió encender el "chiflador" en su termo qué pensó que no haría ruido y el maestro no sería no se daría cuenta pero todo resultó lo contrario el maestro muy molesto decidió llevarlo a la dirección donde le aplicaron una sanción qué se dice que está suspendido por dos semanas para que ya no vuelva a suceder.

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Yesterday afternoon, one of the most important music ceremonies took place, where artists from all over the world came to present their performances in front of thousands of people. This year they celebrated their 64th edition, which took place in Las Vegas. Among the artists who were present, Lady Gaga, Billi Eilish, BTS, Halsey, JBalvin, Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat among many others can be highlighted.

The award ceremony began at 7 in the afternoon, they began with a performance by Bruno Mars that dazzled the public with his voices. Another who received the acclaim of the public was BTS with Butter, who conquered the stage as soon as they went up and who would later receive the title of the best performance of the night.

But what are these awards?

The Grammys originated after the Hollywood Walk of Fame project began in the 1950s. Understanding that not everyone will receive this recognition and thanks to the renewed interest in music and the record industry, the Grammys were created. GRAMMY Awards as a way to discover and met the most talented composers, musicians and even dancers in the music industry.

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Although the devil is quite banished from modern life and is receiving less and less attention as a real being, capable of negatively influencing people's lives, his presence is still felt in many manifestations of human becoming, notably in the cinema. . The demon brings together a series of characteristics that make it ideal as the protagonist of horror films. The images we have of him, mostly from medieval paintings or oriental representations, show him as a being with a human-bestial appearance; of accentuated features, dark skin; penetrating, mischievous, or malignant stare and a tendency to creep or crouch and associate with the dark. They are images that suggest negative consequences for those who contemplate them, quite different from friendship, compassion or creative or constructive activity. In horror movies, the devil appears as an intruder who brings bad news to people, generating situations that seem uncontrollable and inexplicable, leading to madness and extreme fear.

 In general, the presence of the demon appears hidden in different manifestations, it is not about an obvious and outstanding character, whose performance can be judged, whose figure allows identification or empathy by the viewer. The inexplicable manifestations of it are precisely designed to generate curiosity, surprise, perhaps morbid attraction, but they do not allow contemplation or appreciation of details. If the camera zooms in, the character appears like a flash, like a mysterious presence that fades or disappears, without us being able to calmly look him in the eye and discern his feelings or his intentions. We guess them as tormenting or terrible, once we identify with the afflicted characters who are suffering from their threats and their surroundings.

 Then the horror film invents other characters that allow us a closer approximation to the devil, through people or objects that suffer the phenomenon of diabolical possession. These characters or objects serve as more human representations of evil and its characteristics than those that the demons themselves can offer us. One of the manifestations of these presences is that of the inexplicable duality that appears between absolutely normal and balanced behaviors and aspects, which lead us to feel calm and relaxed and the sudden or gradual transformation towards strange aspects: desperate or threatening looks, wrinkled skin and dark; messy hair; suggestive voices, perhaps mixed with howls or expressions that are not understood; phrases that appear here and there; premonitory or threatening writings. Strange aspects that make us experience tensions of a physical nature, as opposed to what is experienced when history is normal and predictable. This game of opposite tensions allows all kinds of resources and constitutes the magic of horror movies.

 In the case of Annabelle, these demonic representations are due to a large doll that since it appears at the beginning of the film has a strange appearance that already causes apprehension in the viewer. On the other hand, for the protagonists, she is a friendly and beautiful being, almost a friend who is going to keep a couple of young newlyweds who are expecting their first child. But the viewer already knows what hard times await this couple, perhaps because of the bad taste they have in being willing to make their beautiful environments ugly with this being-doll with large, open eyes, reddish skin and a frankly suspicious and sinister smile. But it is that in horror movies it is almost always essential that the protagonists who are going to be tormented act innocently and unprepared, without knowing that they are going directly into the eye of an evil and terrifying hurricane. Thus, their bewilderment will be greater when evil appears. The viewer, on the other hand, does suspect what is coming and realizes and suffers from the torment that the characters are going to go through, who are heading towards their own destruction without knowing it.

 Through special effects, noise, sudden changes in focus or perspective, images that appear and disappear, and the prevalence of shades of gray or bright lights, evil announces itself and appears, generating terror and bodily tremors, both in the characters and in the the viewer. Annabelle follows these classic canons of horror films, including the appearance of other protagonists who serve as a refuge, who provide comfort and explanation to evil phenomena. They can be priests; or exorcists, psychiatrists or psychologists; or experts in the occult or also people who have already experienced the inexplicable phenomena firsthand. Spaces are thus generated in the film to understand what is happening, so that the viewer trusts that the tormented protagonists will find a way out that allows them to dominate and defeat evil. Then there will be a climax, a decisive fight and an unexpected outcome, in which much of the magic and attraction of these films is hidden.

 It must be said that Annabelle, which has had good commercial success, does not reach the levels of excellence and drama of the great classics of horror films. However, it has a string of events that keeps the interest, including some scenes that really generate tension and fear in the viewer. I think that its greatest merit lies in the way in which the main object-character is handled, which is the doll, which becomes a living and credible protagonist of the film, perhaps of greater importance and remembrance in the minds of the spectators than the characters. real. We are left with the image that the devil literally knows how to do his thing and remains the ultimate expert in deception.

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Do you like to build with blocks? Are you curious about how solar panels turn sun rays into electricity? Have you wondered how planes stay in the air? Do you wonder why putting gas into cars causes the wheels to turn? Do you like to design and create new things? If you do, a career in mechanical engineering might be right for you! A mechanical engineer is responsible for coming up with and designing mechanical systems. Mechanical systems can include machine design, heating and cooling equipment, power generation, and product design. Products like the latest cellphone begin with an engineer coming up with the idea.
 Mechanical engineers are in high demand right now. That means that there are a lot of job openings for mechanical engineers, but there aren’t enough people to fill those jobs. Because there is a high need for engineers, and the work requires specialized knowledge, engineers get paid more than some other careers. To be a mechanical engineer, you need to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree. During your years in college, you will learn problem - solving and critical thinking skills that will help you to succeed as an engineer. Problem solving is very important in the field of mechanical engineering. People in this career need to be able to think about problems in different ways to figure out the best solution. You also need to be creative, because you may need to make something that’s never been made before. Attention to detail is important, as well. Many designs rely on a lot of little details that need to work together.
Mechanical engineers should also be very comfortable using a variety of tools, such as calculators, high-speed cameras, measurement tools, and computers to assist them in completing their job. There are many computer programs mechanical engineers use to create designs in 3D, run scenarios, and analyze calculations. Engineers also use computers for research. As with many other jobs, mechanical engineers need to be able to meet deadlines and work well with other people. Some jobs can be done with just one person, but more often mechanical engineers are work ng on a team to complete a project. If an engineer cannot manage his or her time well and misses a deadline, the entire team gets delayed, which is not good for the company. Some engineers work in an office, and some travel to different worksites while a machine or product is being built, so they can help solve any problems. Mechanical engineering takes a lot of thought. It is a great career for people who like to make objects and machines work, solve problems, and be creative!

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Jessica's First Day Of School

Today is jessica's first day of kindergarden. Jessica and her parents walk to school. Jessica's mom walks with her to her classroom. Jessica meets her teacher, his name is Mr Parker. The school bell rings at 8:45 am. Jessica hugs and kisses her mom goodbye. Jessica's mom says i love you. At 9:00 am Jessica stands for the national anthem. Mr Parker calls out childrens names. Each child yells back here. Mr Parker teaches them about letters. Mr Parker teaches them about numbers. At 10:15 am the students have resess. Resess is fun. The students get to play and eat. At 10:30 am the students go to gym class. At 11:15 am the students return to Mr Parker's classroom. Mr Parker tells the students to sit on the carpet. Mr Parker reads the students a story. Mr Parker teaches the students a song. The lunch bell rings. Jessica's first day of school is over.

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WhatIs Software Programming?

Software programming a profession within the computer technology field that primarily deal swith writing code. Readon to get a programming and software development definition as well as a computer software programmer job description.

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Hi, I’m Julie and my best friend is Hanna, we are always together. We are 13 years old and we are in the same class. Hanna lives in the same street as me and we like to walk together. When we have a break in school, we often play games and sometimes we have lunch. We always go home together and talk about our hobbies. When I am doing my homework and I don’t understand a question, I often call Hanna for help and we do it together. When we finish our homework we always talk. We never go to sleep without talking.

At the weekends, we usually go to the shopping-mall,

Hanna always wants to go shopping but I sometimes want to go to the cinema. We plan our day together and we never quarrel. On Saturdays, we watch films, we usually eat pizza and rarely eat popcorn.

We like to wear beautiful clothes, jeans and T-shirts, pretty dresses or skirts. When I want to wear jeans, I often ask Hanna to give me her T-shirt because she has got really cool clothes. And I sometimes give her my dresses.

Hanna has an interesting hobby. She likes to take photos. She has got many beautiful pictures and she collects them on her computer.

I have a hobby too. I write poems and I think my poems are good. I read them to my parents and friends and they love my poems.

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Los rayos x los descubrió el profesor Wilhem Conrad Rontgen en 1895. El 8 de noviembre se celebra cada año el Día Internacional de la Radiología.

Rontgen fue el propio el que hizo la primera radiografía a la mano de su mujer quien, horrorizada por el resultado, se negó a participar en los estudios posteriores de su marido.

A Röntgen le costó 20 minutos conseguir la considerada como primera imagen radiológica, donde sin duda alguna marcó una señal en la historia de la ciencia y de la medicina, con su experimento supuso el inicio de la radiología y del diagnóstico por imagen.

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He is Bing Bong, he is a very cheerful and funny elephant. He usually plays on his skateboard and dreams of reaching the moon.

Bing Bong is pink, purple and orange.

He wears a brown jacket, hat and gloves because the weather is cold, he also wears a flower-shaped brooch.

Bing Bong was an imaginary friend and spontaneously appeared in dreams.

Bing Bong's body is mainly made up of cotton candy. Clearly, it's part cat for a tail, part elephant for a trunk, and part dolphin, though the latter isn't so obvious. He cries sweets when he is sad.

He used to play with Bing Bong in all kinds of games when he was 3 years old. However, he stopped when he was 4 years old, and since then, Bing Bong has been homeless and jobless. He mostly stays in Imaginationland, collecting happy memories he likes and stuffing them into a bottomless bag.

Bing Bong was always on his rocket. the rocket only worked when they sang a song called "bin bong's song"

For Bing Bong his rocket was very special because he wanted to reach the Moon with it.

Bing Bong lost his rocket and became very sad, he didn't know how to express his feelings in this situation. Then I knew that crying would be the solution to vent what I felt.

Bing Bong quedó atrapado en un lugar del olvido, quería volver, así que llamó a su cohete perdido con la canción que más le conocía. Empezaron a subir pero no pudieron llegar a la salida, hasta que finalmente Bing Bong no lo logra y se queda en el lugar dejando una frase a su compañero diciendo "llévala a la luna por mi"

Bing Bong will always be remembered for being a hero and even if he is in the place of oblivion, he will never be forgotten.

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El es Bing Bong, es un elefante muy alegre y divertido. Suele jugar en su patineta y sueña con llegar a la luna.

Bing Bong es rosa, morado y naranja.

Lleva una chaqueta marrón, sombrero y guantes porque el clima es frío, también lleva un broche en forma de flor.

Bing Bong era un amigo imaginario y aparecía espontáneamente en los sueños.

El cuerpo de Bing Bong se compone principalmente de algodón de azúcar. Claramente, es en parte gato por cola, en parte elefante por trompa y en parte delfín, aunque esto último no es tan obvio. Llora dulces cuando está triste.

Solía ​​jugar con Bing Bong en todo tipo de juegos cuando tenía 3 años. Sin embargo, dejó de hacerlo cuando tenía 4 años y, desde entonces, Bing Bong ha estado sin hogar y sin trabajo. Se queda principalmente en Imaginationland, recopilando recuerdos felices que le gustan y metiéndolos en una bolsa sin fondo.

Bing Bong siempre estuvo en su cohete. el cohete solo funcionaba cuando cantaban una canción llamada "canción de bin bong"

Para Bing Bong su cohete fue muy especial porque quería llegar a la Luna con él.

Bing Bong perdió su cohete y se puso muy triste, no sabía cómo expresar sus sentimientos en esta situación. Entonces supe que llorar sería la solución para desahogar lo que sentía.

Bing Bong quedó atrapado en un lugar del olvido, quería volver, así que llamó a su cohete perdido con la canción que más le conocía. Empezaron a subir pero no pudieron llegar a la salida, hasta que finalmente Bing Bong no lo logra y se queda en el lugar dejando una frase a su compañero diciendo "llévala a la luna por mi"

Bing Bong siempre será recordado por ser un héroe y aunque esté en el lugar del olvido, nunca será olvidado.

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Heat the milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the sugar, the lemon peel and the cinnamon stick, and wait until it boils. 2. Meanwhile, wash the rice well with cold water to remove the starch. Add it to the milk when it starts to boil, lower the temperature of the fire and stir. 3. Let it cook for an hour, stirring from time to time so that it does not stick. Remove it when there is hardly any milk left, depending on whether you prefer more or less broth. 4. Discard the bark and cinnamon sticks. Add the butter or margarine and stir to melt. 5. Let stand to cool down before serving, and decorate with a little powdered cinnamon.

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