50 oraciones en ingles en pasado simple

La comprensión y utilización correcta de las oraciones en inglés en pasado simple puede ser un verdadero desafío, especialmente para aquellos que están aprendiendo el idioma. En la descripción original encontramos ejemplos como: "She believed in me", "He liked her", "I wanted to love you", "She ate a sandwich", "They worked together", "I answered your text", "I felt pretty weak", y muchas más. Para facilitar tu aprendizaje, he compilado una lista de 50 oraciones en inglés en pasado simple.

Oraciones en inglés en pasado simple

  1. I lived in New York.
  2. You loved the movie.
  3. He liked pizza.
  4. She went to the market.
  5. We walked in the park.
  6. You (plural) listened to music.
  7. They played soccer.
  8. I bought a new car.
  9. You studied hard for the exam.
  10. He lost his keys.
  11. She painted a beautiful picture.
  12. We visited our grandparents.
  13. You (plural) cooked dinner.
  14. They learned English.
  15. I finished the book.
  16. You enjoyed the concert.
  17. He washed his clothes.
  18. She danced at the party.
  19. We ate pasta.
  20. You (plural) traveled to Spain.
  21. They watched the sunset.
  22. I slept eight hours.
  23. You read a novel.
  24. He wrote a letter.
  25. She swam in the ocean.
  26. We talked for hours.
  27. You (plural) laughed at the joke.
  28. They drank coffee.
  29. I met my friends at the cafe.
  30. You cried during the movie.
  31. He ran a marathon.
  32. She took a shower.
  33. We did our homework.
  34. You (plural) saw a shooting star.
  35. They climbed a mountain.
  36. I had a great day.
  37. You played the guitar.
  38. He took a photo.
  39. She sat on the bench.
  40. We sang a song.
  41. You (plural) jumped in the pool.
  42. They told a story.
  43. I ate an apple.
  44. You cleaned your room.
  45. He sold his old bike.
  46. She drove to work.
  47. We decided to go on a trip.
  48. You (plural) enjoyed the beach.
  49. They saved money.
  50. I followed the map.
  51. You fell in love.

Estas oraciones cubren una variedad de temas y te ayudarán a entender mejor cómo y cuándo usar el pasado simple en inglés. Recuerda, la práctica constante es la clave para dominar cualquier idioma. ¡Buena suerte!

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